Short and Sweet…

Last week, I wasn’t able to post because it was the end of the month, and the end of the month always means a certain level of craziness – and things have gotten even crazier since the new system was launched.

So I was asked to go back into the office to work.

Supposedly it was just going to be until Friday, and then I could go back to assisting Australia and working from home. But then they decided to bring me back into the indefinitely because they are so overwhelmed.

As a result of all the upheaval, I haven’t been able to write much. However, I do have a paragraph to share with you from chapter 6, since it’s May 6th. Those of you who guessed that Vivian and Tesni were in trouble weren’t too far off the mark.

They turned to go back the way they came, but from behind one of the trees loomed a large man – taller and broader than anyone Vivian had ever seen before. His shaggy hair clumped together in oily knots, and a thick layer of dirt covered his skin. She yelped and stepped backwards, troding on Tesni’s toe in an attempt to escape him.

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13 thoughts on “Short and Sweet…

  1. Eden says:

    Ack! Poor Tensi… Not that I blame Vivian, but it sucks having to run through tall brush enough; who needs a sore foot on top of it?

    Sorry about the overwhelmed-nees taking over your life, Christina. Hopefully things will settle soon enough. Until then… set a small writing goal, maybe just five sentences a day (my personal favorite). Something is better than nothing.

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  2. kathils says:

    Argh. Darn those day-jobs and their demands. 😦 Hopefully ‘indefinitely’ only lasts a short while.

    I’ve missed far too much, I think. But I’m wondering who this big fella is, and if he’s going to prove as dangerous as Vivian thinks.

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    • ceeleeolson says:

      There’s some change in the wind, so it’s quite possible that the indefintely may be much shorter than we think. We’ll see what the future holds, because the magic 8 ball is being quite whenever I ask it what’s going to happen next.

      Unfortunately for Vivian this is one of those situations where big and scary means bad news.


  3. Abigail Erynne says:

    This could go either way, but I know my reaction would be on the wary side. Actually, I’d be on the “let’s leave now” side, but that’s why I’m not a protagonist in a book. I don’t think. >.>

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  4. ReGi McClain says:

    Yipes! That would be a shocking sight. But maybe a friendly chat would do the trick? Just because he’s big and dirty doesn’t mean he’s mean. Of course, if he’s the one running the slave thing… 😦

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