One Less Thing…

I apologize for not commenting on anyone else’s blogs. I swear I meant to. And then time flew by like it tends to do. Suddenly it was Friday, and then it was Sunday, and now here we are and it’s Wednesday once again.

I swear I’ll do better this week.

Remember how I said last week that we were going to be stopping Boyo’s Speech Therapy soon? Well, it turns out that it is now a thing of the past until he’s a bit older. We had thought he had a couple of more appointments left because his therapist took a couple of weeks off, but when we asked last Friday, it turns out that his approval was only good until June 1st. After going over his progress with the therapist, we decided to hold off on requesting more appointments through the insurance for now. We’re supposed to check in in 6 months, but I think we’ll wait and go through the Regional Center instead.

In other news I put in the request to have my transcripts sent from my old college to my new college (I’m so glad they had a website to do it online, and hey, since this was the first time I was requesting transcripts it was free!) I’ve also put in a request to change my major – while real estate is an acceptable field of study for federal aid, a certificate program is not.

We’ve also been working on some more projects around the house. We’re finally going to be fixing the wiring issue in the bathroom, and we’ve started working on cleaning up the side yard so the boyo can have some more room to play.

And I did do a bit of writing and some editing on the Descendants this week – that unfortunately my computer ate.

Despite that I was able to salvage a snippet for WIPpet Wednesday. Since today is the first, here is one paragraph from chapter 8. Vivian has woken up from her injury, and her and Tesni have agreed to work together to get home. But first, they need to survive the markets at Heraculneum.

Any doubts that Vivian may have had about Tesni’s claims that they had traveled through time were dispelled as she stared at the masses of people moving through the streets. Everyone wore some sort of toga, or had broad swaths of cloth wrapped around their bodies, and the soldiers she saw carried short swords at their sides and wore leather armor. They ogled Tesni and her as openly as she regarded them, and some children even dared to get close enough to pull at the skirt of her dress through the slats of the cart. They were quickly chased off by the giant man though – he yelled at them, and cuffed the slower ones on the ears with one of his massive hands.

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21 thoughts on “One Less Thing…

  1. msdawnlyn says:

    I hate it when the computer eats stories. Mine did that a couple weeks ago. (Of course, it was one of the stories i was writing with Steph)

    Sounds like you’re having fun with your house. I’m jealous since i have a feeling we’ll be forever renters. #lesigh

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    • ceeleeolson says:

      If we hadn’t found this mobile home, we’d still be renting too. You guys should look around for one. If you find an older one in a decent park, the space rent and mortgage combined is usually cheaper than an apartment. Try looking for ones that are park owned, they need a little more work sometimes, but they’re cheaper.


  2. Emily Witt says:

    Boo computer eating the writing! 😡

    I like this snippet! I guess it would be pretty hard to argue that it was just people in costume or something when it was absolutely everyone dressed like that and carrying swords and the like.

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    • ceeleeolson says:

      Thank you. I mean, it could still possibly be some sort of reenactment – but its extremely doubtful at this point. Especially with Mt V in the background waiting to go boom.


  3. shanjeniah says:

    In a cart, being poked at and guarded….no fun. And the markets sound like even less…

    My Boyo’s speech therapy lasted 14 months. He clicked in a matter of weeks, but I don’t know if it was the therapy or the maturing….

    But I do know that I had a one year old daughter who could say, “speech therapist” perfectly!

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    • ceeleeolson says:

      I think that a lot of what was going on with the Boyo’s speech therapy is that he was just too young and the therapist just wasn’t used to working with kids his age. She also just didn’t want to listen to our advice. However, we found out today that we get to go in for an evaluation with a speech therapist through the regional center next week. He absolutely loves everyone they’ve sent to work with him so far, and from what I heard this speech therapist is familiar with ABA therapy. Plus since she’s from the same company as his behavioral therapist, it’ll make communicating between the two of them easier if she feels he’s ready for speech.

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  4. Eden says:

    Sounds like you made the right choice about waiting a bit longer for more Speech Therapy, at least from a “what we can handle” standpoint.

    When we were looking for a place to move to, we looked at mobile homes. Some are really lovely… But in the end we waited and got a house in the country. Seems any choice comes with some serious downsides. We’d love to be out of this place :-/

    How is Vivian feeling after that head injury? The shock of time travel and a concussion must be quite the challenge for her

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    • ceeleeolson says:

      Vivian is actually doing pretty well all things considered. At this point she’s having a harder time accepting that she’s in Rome than anything else.

      We would have loved to get a traditional house, but unfortunately it’s just not possible in our area unless you’re making really good money.

      Our mobile home is older, but over all it’s pretty sturdy. I think a lot of the issues we have run into were the result of a previous owner trying to cut corners. Thankfully the wiring in the rest of the house is totally safe – though there is one switch in the living room that we still don’t know what it goes to 😛


      • Eden says:

        Maybe it goes to an outside light.

        It’s not a matter of really good money. We got our house for a mortgage that was half the rent we were paying in Albany and just under the combined lot rent and payment for a mobile home…. the drawback? We live waaaayyy out in east bumf–K.


    • ceeleeolson says:

      It was an interesting piece.

      We’ve been very lucky that we’ve had a really great experience with Boyo’s therapy. Everyone has been amazing and we always have a lot of fun together. The only exception has been the speech therapy and we think that was because that particular therapist just had no idea how to handle a 2 year old and she wasn’t open to suggestions.

      As for enjoying our time with him, we are and we always do. Unless it’s 5am and his diaper has leaked again.

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