In the Blink of an Eye…

Exhaustion has a new name – Toddler bed.

Boyo managed to escape his crib last week. Apparently he decided that he did NOT need a nap one day and demonstrated it by climbing out of the crib and run around his room. Let me tell you, there is nothing quite like hearing the movement monitor go off (which usually illicit a ‘crap’ from us), followed by the pitter patter of little feet on hardwood floors and high pitched toddler giggles (which resulted in a lot more creative cussing).

As soon as my husband got home from work that day, the crib was converted into a toddler bed, and we’ve been scrambling to figure out a new routine ever since. We had one in place, but now that Boyo can get in and out of his bed instead of being a captive audience, we’ve had to make some adjustments. We cut back on nap time and we’ve pushed his bed time back an hour or so to make sure he’s tired enough to go to sleep fairly quickly and that he’ll sleep through the night.

Unfortunately, this means that I’ve lost out on some of my ‘me’ time that I would use for writing and other things. I think I’ve managed to scratch out two thousand words in the past two weeks… if that. It’s far easier to sneak in a sketch here and there in between games of tag. It doesn’t help matters that having Boyo suddenly graduate to a toddler bed threw me into a bit of a funk (which is to be expected from what I’ve heard) so when I do have a chance to write, I haven’t really felt like it.

When I do, I keep chipping away at The Undying ones. Thankfully I’ve finally reached a point in the story where I’m mostly editing to make old snippets fit in with the new story line, so it’s been fairly easy going. After this I have another chapter or two, then there will be more editing, and then the fun really begins.

Anywho, since today is WIPpet Wednesday, I figured I’d get back to sharing scenes from The Undying Ones – even if there isn’t a whole lot to share.

When last we saw Mattie she was attempting to sneak out of her Father’s new workshop. Thankfully he was having one of his mad moments and didn’t recognize her. Unfortunately her luck is about to run out. Since today is the 18th, here are 9 sentences (1+8=9)

Mattie stepped back into the library, breathing a sigh of relief as the cool damp air washed over her face. Her relief didn’t last long though; she was grabbed by strong bony hands and flung to the hard ground. She slid backwards across the smooth tile floor, her mask knocked askew from the force of the fall. She quickly rolled onto all fours and scurried away from the attack, only to run into a pair of boots standing a short distance away. They were rough to the touch, scuffed from centuries of use. She looked up, her eyes taking in the worn pants and patchy doublet, until she came face to face with the guard who’s lips reminded her of a snarling beast.

His nose twitched as he glowered down at her. “I thought I smelled fresh meat.”

Mattie gulped, so much for avoiding the guards notice for so long.

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5 thoughts on “In the Blink of an Eye…

  1. AM says:

    Ha! I remember the days of having one who could climb out like that. He still climbs things, and he’s 13 now. LOL!

    Great snippet, but I’m definitely left feeling a big uh oh from that.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. shanjeniah says:

    Honestly, I scarcely wrote three sentences together, scrawled in the same color ink, until my kids were 8 and 5.

    If that scares you, let me reassure you: they’re 15 and 12.5 now, and I have hours a day free for my own pursuits. Soon – so very soon, in Mom-time! – they’ll be grown. My Boyo is already half a head taller than me, and taller than my six-foot Accomplice, too!

    Enjoy those high-pitched giggles and escapades as much as you can. Maybe dream of writing more than struggle to actually write, until things calm a bit. The bed will become routine; other adventures await.

    The scene you wrote is tense and filled with great sensory detail. I want to know more about this creepy guard with the centuries-old boots – but not as much as I want you to get some rest!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Fallon says:

    We never had issues with my daughter climbing out of the crib. My son, though, yeah…he’s always been a little monkey. Hopefully you can settle into a routine that works.

    As for the snippet, yikes. This doesn’t look too good for her.

    Liked by 1 person

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