The Undying Ones


There are many legends about the castle that overlooks Mill-On-Rye. People claim it’s haunted. They say that the King and his court died during the plague and never left. They say that when the air is still, you can hear the cries of the dead on the wind, and if you stand at the edge of the old bridge that leads to the castle, you can see the lights of their lanterns moving across the parapets.

Mattie would be happy to tell the people of Mill-On-Rye that their legends are true. The Castle really is haunted. She has lived her entire life behind the tall stone walls, and knows every inch of it like the cracks in her mask. However, there is no way to leave the castle – the gate was boarded up and the bridge was destroyed centuries ago. She and the others are trapped inside until the end of time.

And then one day, Mattie discovers a body in her father’s workshop, and she realizes that maybe there might be a way out. But is the world ready for the Undying Ones? And are the Undying Ones ready for the world?

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Mattie thought living inside the castle was dangerous, but life outside its walls is proving to be just as treacherous. Caught wandering around the village one night by Liam, Mattie is blackmailed into helping him search for his missing sister – a search she knows can only end in misery. Rejected by the villagers as a thief, and forced to live with a grumpy old man who is determined to prove that there is more to her than meets the eye, Mattie has to navigate the confusing social landscape of Mill-On-Rye and figure out a way to keep Liam as far away from the Castle as possible.

Meanwhile the dreams and visions that used to plague her inside the castle have returned, and the truth they hint at could be far more perilous than the undead lurking behind the tall stone walls…

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