It’s Not So Bad After All…

Week two of the great WordPress trial and I think I’m more than a little in love. It was the app that won me over. The fact that I could see everyone’s comments as soon as they commented was amazing. Plus I can read my favorite wordpress blogs on the go without having to log into bloglovin!

Blogger’s app can’t do any of that – it just allows users to publish and edit posts. If I want to see comments, I have to go to blogger on my phone’s web browser, and then I get all sorts of errors about how Blogger isn’t compatable with my browser even though I can see everything just fine.

So I’m sold. I am a convert. I have come to the dark side. Where are those cookies I was promised?

Now, I just need to figure out what theme I really like. The one you see today is the prettier one I was talking about last week. What do you think?

On other fronts, I went back and started rewriting the first few chapters of the Descendants. I have a feeling it’s going to be a little shorter than the original opening, which is probably a good thing, but I worry I may have too many info dumps. I also have no idea what to do with Audra. She’s still a very important part of the story, but I don’t know if I want her to still be Vivian’s best friend, or make her Vivian’s soon to be step sister. Decisions, decisions.

It’s WIPpet Wednesday yet again, so here are 12 paragraphs from the new chapter one (2+4+2+0-1+5=12). It’s a little long, but there really wasn’t an easy way to cut it down to a smaller snippet. Plus, I wanted to get everyone’s feedback on how it compares to the old chapter 1 (You can that snippet over here)

“There. Put it there.” The woman in the white pantsuit commanded, and Vivian obliged, moving the wrought iron flower stand slightly to the right of where it had originally been.  It’s base dragged against the stone floor, and Vivian flinched at the sound of metal grinding against granite. Knowing her luck, there would be a trail of scratches marring the intricate carvings under foot. A quick glance revealed that she was safe though, and she breathed a sigh of relief.

“Okay. Now the other one.” The woman commanded.”About a foot, just like the first one.”

“If you’re trying to frame the stained glass window, it’s perfect the way it is.”

“No, it’s not, they’re unbalanced. Come down here and see for yourself if you don’t believe me.”

Vivian did as she asked, hopping off the dais at the front of the chapel, and coming to stand next to the woman who would soon be her step mother. Not for the first time, she wondered if her father had gone crazy; Felicity, who constantly told Vivian to call her Flick, was the complete opposite of Adam Palmer. She wore couture clothing she only bought from the boutiques at the hotels in town, and her ears and fingers were dripping with diamond jewelry. Adam wore jeans and torn up old t-shirts and was often covered in grease. She was a vegetarian, and a health nut, where he preferred hamburgers and shakes.

“C’mon, honey, give the kid a break – the stands looked fine the way they were.” Adam spoke up from where he lounged in the back row next to his two groomsmen and Vivian’s little brother Andrew.

“She offered to do the flowers for the wedding for free. Besides, if this is really what she wants to do with her life, then she should know what it’s going to be like. I’m being very reasonable. Other brides won’t be.”

The woman acted as if becoming a florist was something that Vivian had chosen to do on a whim yesterday. In reality she had been working at Mrs Florez’s Flower Shop when she was 15. It was either that, or go to work at her dad’s garage. Working with flowers and occasionally being pricked by thorns was a far better alternative than to being stuck inside an office that smelled of exhaust, and she had always enjoyed arranging the flowers that Bree had grown in their garden, so she had leapt at Mrs Florez’s offer of employment. Since then she had worked with several brides, even a few that qualified as bridezillas, and none were nearly as bad as Felicity was. What Vivian had thought would only cost maybe a hundred dollars was costing close to a couple of thousand – almost half of the savings she had built up over her time with Mrs Florez.

She should have just said yes to being one of Felicity’s bridesmaids and just left it at that – then she would have only been out the money for the dress and shoes.

Rather than pointing any of that out though – after all she had promised Bree that she would try to be nice at least until the wedding was over – she turned to face the dais and noticed that, yes, the stand on the left was a little off.  She went back and shifted it until it was in the spot her soon to be stepmother had gestured at.

Felicity clapped her hands. “That’s perfect!” She hugged Vivian when she returned to her side. “Maybe one day you’ll understand why I’m so demanding when you get married, dear.”

“Yeah,” Vivian sighed. “Sure.” She agreed. After seeing how her father had handled her mother’s disappearance, and the way things had blown up between him and Bree after Andrew had been born, and now this farce with Felicity, Vivian really had no desire to ever get married. However, the last time she had said anything to that degree in front of Felicity, she had received a lecture about how her mind would change if she ever met the guy, so she found herself keeping her mouth shut once more.

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12 thoughts on “It’s Not So Bad After All…

  1. Denise D. Young says:

    Welcome to WordPress. I definitely love working with it. It’s so easy to see comments, and I like being able to follow other WordPress blogs that I enjoy. I find the interface easy to work with, too, and you can have a professional-quality website, no web design skills necessary, so that’s a plus. As I progress in my writing path, I’ll add pages for my books and any extras I want to add.

    Really enjoyed the excerpt. I smell trouble brewing. Definitely some great tension going on in this scene.


  2. ReGi McClain says:

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! We have succeeded in corrrrrupting you! *rubs hands together and grins freakishly wide*
    *returns to normal self, holds out plate of cookies* Here’s your cookies. 🙂 *innocent smile*

    I can see why Vivian dislikes her prospective step-mother. That would get irritating and discouraging fast.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Pax Asteriae says:

    I agree with ReGi about seeing why Vivian dislikes Felicity, she’s very… demanding. I actually like both openings for different reasons, but this one feels more dynamic and more like we’re being thrown in to the story rather than starting out with it, if that makes sense?

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Abigail Erynne says:

    WordPress isn’t perfect, but I do like their app, and I think it’s better than Blogger. Blogger drives me nuts. I like this theme, too. It’s nice and clean, but also pretty.

    Good excerpt – Felicity instantly reminded me of one of my cousins when she got married. She was so very demanding and exact, yet she thought she was perfectly reasonable. Ugh. Great way to throw tension right in there. Hopefully it works out better for Vivian than it did for me and my cousin…


  5. Amy says:

    Poor Vivian. I don’t envy her here. I sense this isn’t the only trouble in her path.

    I love WordPress, but I admit to not understanding some things. Like, I get notifications for all the WordPress stuff I comment on, but not for my own because I use the paid version. So confusing. Anyway, I like the look of this page. Very sharp and clean.


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