Running a Little Late Again…

It’s been a rough week in the Olson household.

First, the NICU follow up program at Long Beach Memorial canceled the Boyo’s appointment because our insurance changed. They could bill his secondary insurance as his primary, but they claim they can’t even though other places totally have. Lots of yelling ensued.

This was followed by a couple of family members insisting that if the Boyo was in daycare where older kids could show him what to do and how to act, he would totally be fine. Plus, if he throws a tantrum he needs to be spanked. And oh Jenny McCartney did this and this and this, have you given that a try? (Regi, if you are reading this, the whole entire conversation reminded me of that damn article you posted on facebook awhile back)

And last but not least, I go in to get my wisdom teeth pulled tomorrow (well, in ten hours from now) so I’ve been rushing around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to get everything cleaned up and set up. Since they’ll be knocking me out, I’ll probably be worthless for most of tomorrow, and if they give me Vicodin for the pain, I’ll probably be worthless for most of the weekend too.

On the upside, I did get my last costume order sent out finally, and I have sworn to never use that pattern again whenever I return to costuming. Anywho, not having anything to sew meant that I had more time to write, and it’s been so amazing. I’ve gotten more work done on my side projects that will go under my pen name. I also rewrote a few more chapters on another one of my fanfics, and I finished up the next chapter of the Descendants (and maybe one or two scenes that won’t show up until book four).

I had hoped that I would get more done on The Undying Ones too, but I think I’ve written myself into a corner on that one. I keep thinking I have the problem solved, but any time I open up the document, my mind goes blank.

At least I still have my Star Wars fanfic.

Speaking of that, it’s Wednesday… well, Thursday, but we’re just going to pretend it’s Wednesday again, okay?

Since today is the seventeenth of February here are seventeen paragraphs.

The muscles in Hobbie’s jaw were tight, and when he spoke it was through clenched teeth. “Fine. I’m a horrible person. Happy? All I’m trying to say is that you’re hardly innocent yourself.”

“I picked that up loud and clear.”

“I’m not saying that you’re as bad as I am. Nor am I going to try to defend myself. It’s just… we both could have handled things a lot better.”

“Yeah. Well, hindsight is twenty-twenty. But what’s done is done.” Anagha flopped back. “Why the sudden need to dredge all this up, anyways?”

“You didn’t have to answer my questions if you didn’t want to.”

“True.” She had to admit he had her there. “But since you bandaged me up so nicely.”

“I just wanted to know why.” He leaned back on his hands. “I had planned to talk to you on the ship sooner or later, but then, this happened. I figured why not take advantage of the situation. It was either that or sit here in awkward silence. Or throw ourselves at each other – which, would have been a hell of a lot more fun.”

She giggled. She knew she should be outraged at his assumption that she would just leap into his arms after all this time, but she couldn’t help it. “Yes, because after everything that has happened, I would totally want to jump your bones.”

“Well, now that the argument is over with there is always…”

“In your dreams, flyboy.” Anagha glanced up at him to find him watching her. Instead of his expression being concerned though, there was something else in his eyes. A look she hadn’t forgotten even though it had been over a decade since the last time they had been together. Despite herself she felt an answering warmth in her belly. She ignored it. “You could have sent a message if these questions were burning you up so badly.”

He looked away. “I could have. But I wanted to discuss it in person. I kept thinking I would bump into you on Coruscant sooner or later.”

“The Republic felt that it was better to leave us out in the Outer Rims.”

“I noticed. I always wondered who you pissed off to end up out there.”

“Honestly? I thought you or Wedge had something to do with it.”

That earned her a look. “You know better than that.”

“I do. I didn’t mind it really. I actually enjoyed the quiet up until recently.”

“We all did.”

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6 thoughts on “Running a Little Late Again…

  1. shanjeniah says:

    If only people would stop calling them “tantrums”, and start calling them “expressions of intense emotions”, attitudes might change.

    I spanked my kids when they were small. Did absolutely NOTHING to answer the need that led them to lose control, Hut our relationships, too.

    My Boyo is 14 now. He’s inches taller than me (and I’m rather tall), and stronger. He’s got years of growing left, but, in less than four years, he’ll be legally able to make most decisions for himself. Am I sorry I stopped hitting him when he was 7? NO! I only wish I’d never hit him to begin with.

    I’m thrilled to have created the kind of connection where he can talk to me about the big things coming up in his life. If I say I think something’s not a good idea, he usually trusts my judgment.

    We didn’t send our kids to daycare, but I did work at one. The kids there were not way ahead of mine in terms of development.

    You could try telling your family members that they get or got to raise their kids their way, but your son is yours to raise, and what you’re doing is working for you (well, other than insurance silliness). Since he’s had/has health challenges, how can they have the full picture of who he is, or what he needs or is capable of…

    The snippet is intriguing. I want to know their history, and what is coming up for them. So happy for you that you’re writing again!

    Liked by 1 person

    • ceeleeolson says:

      I’m ashamed to admit that I did spank the Boyo once or twice when his biting was at its worst. We had tried everything though and we were at our wits end. It was never very hard, and his diaper padded his butt a lot, but I still felt so horrible about it, especially when we finally figured out that it was because his molars were coming in. We quickly realized after that that spanking would never work because 1) he’s too young, 2) it sends the wrong message and 3) we pat his butt for so many other things that it would confuse him. Patting his butt was the only way to get him to sleep as a baby (along with rubbing his eyebrows – now it’s rubbing his back in circles) and we still do it when we hug him out of habit.
      As for the daycare, they keep age groups more separated now then when I was a kid (unless it’s a daycare being run out of someone’s house) besides, he gets to spend time with other kids at the church nursery or on play dates with friends so he’s not lacking in that area.
      I think a lot of it is that things were so different for us growing up – I mean. Not only was it a different time, but we weren’t preemies who have a speech delay and might be on the spectrum of have a sensory processing disorder and were in various therapies – that the older generation of my family (and my husband’s family) just have no idea what to say or do. On the rare occasions they do give advice, and we let them know that it’s outdated or something we don’t believe in, we get accused of thinking that they’re idiots. So we just don’t say much about anything at all anymore, which isn’t healthy. Unfortunately we got really frustrated about an insurance issue so I vented to a family member a little, which is what led to all that horrible advice. So now I’m just more resolved to never discuss this stuff with family ever again. Thankfully we have some friends who are going through similar situations so we can commiserate with them here and there.

      As for Anagha and Hobbie, they have an interesting history together. If you go back to the 17th of December, and read from there (skip the week of Christmas though as that WIPpet was unrelated) you can hear their entire sad tale.


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