On Time For Now

I apologize for my rant a couple of weeks ago. I try not to discuss parent stuff too much on here – aside from the occasional anecdote – because I have a whole other blog for for that. However, the frustration with our old hospital, and our family’s and friend’s outdated parenting advice just got to me a little bit more than usual. Well a heck of a whole lot more than normal. It doesn’t help that I don’t have a whole lot of people that I can talk to about this.

Things have gotten a little better since then. It looks like the Boyo will be getting some additional therapy here soon. His new therapist is pretty awesome and is setting us up with everything else we need.

Getting my wisdom teeth pulled didn’t knock me on my butt like I thought it would. Granted the first two days were pretty rough. In fact, the second day was so bad that I contacted a nurse friend to see if it was safe to take one of the pain killers a little more frequently than the Dentist wanted. Thankfully it was. But after that most horrible of days, recovery has been fairly easy as long as I don’t talk too much or eat something chewy or hard.

What was shocking though, was how getting my wisdom teeth pulled affected my energy. When I had my myomectomy I knew it would take time to recover, that I would be exhausted for awhile while my body healed. It was a no brainer because it was such a big incision that cut through layers of fat and core muscles that you use all the time. In comparison, the incisions they made to pull out my wisdom teeth were minor. We’re talking a quarter of an inch, if that. But I am just as exhausted, maybe even more so, than when I had the myomectomy. I’m guessing the fact that I wasn’t able to eat a normal diet for a week or so probably didn’t help things either. Also, I’m learning that use the muscles in your mouth just as much as the muscles in your core perhaps even more with all the eating and talking people do on a daily basis.

I haven’t done much in the way of writing since getting my wisdom teeth pulled. During the moments I did have energy, I was chasing after the boyo. He’s a climber, and we’ve pretty much given up on stopping him, but we do try to be there to spot him in case he makes a wrong move. And when I’m not doing that, I’m coaxing cats out from the floor vents, because they recently discovered that they can get in to those and crawl around. Dorks.

When I’m not doing that (IE, whenever the Boyo is sleeping) I’ve been painting, block printing, and messing around in photoshop creating poster and fabric designs. Basically I’m rediscovering skills that I’ve pretty much ignored since college, and it feels absolutely wonderful.

If you’re thinking, hey, that’s backwards – trust me when I say that’s not a mistake. 

But now on to the WIPpet Wednesday post – which is actually ahead of schedule this week!

WIPpet Wednesday is a blog hop where you share a snippet of whatever project that you are working on that somehow relates to the date. For the past few months I’ve been continuing an old Star Wars fanfic that I started over a decade ago.

When last we checked in on Anagha and Hobbie, they were still stuck in the tent discussing their past and arguing over who had screwed their relationship more. You can read that here. We’re picking up shortly after that scene with three paragraphs since its March (which is scary – where did February go?) and March is the third month.

By sunrise the storm had faded enough that Booster was able to send a shuttle down to rescue Anagha, her droid, and what was left of her x-wing – which, in the dim light of day, was a whole lot less than she had originally thought. Hopefully there would be extras on board the Star Destroyer circling in orbit, or else she would be grounded until they joined back up with the fleet.

Hobbie’s ship had fared far better than hers had. After only a little bit of tinkering, he and his astromech were able to get it air born. Anagha had hoped that he would just take off and leave her to her thoughts, but instead, he hovered overhead until the shuttle started its slow ascent upwards. No doubt he would be waiting once they landed, but to her surprise he was no where to be seen when the shuttle doors reopened on the Errant Venture.

Instead, Master Trista Fatin stood a short distance away, her hands folded peacefully in front of her.

Confession time, if Anagha is a Mary Sue, then Trista is the Queen of all Sympathetic Sues (which I thought had a cooler nickname). She is probably one of my favorite characthers though, because she does not put up with anyone’s BS. Maybe, someday, I’ll sit down and tell her story in all of it’s gawdawfulness (my friends and I were clearly in a competition to see who could be the worst to our characters).

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10 thoughts on “On Time For Now

  1. Amelia E. Browne says:

    This was a really cool snippet although I will admit, I am still very unfamiliar with the star wars universe in general. I also love that you’re in competition with your friends to see who can be the worst to a character. 😛

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Emily Witt says:

    I remember being knocked around by getting my wisdom teeth out. Though I had literally just finished my final exams for high school, so that might also have been contributing.

    Interesting snippet! Leaves me wondering just where Hobbie disappeared to.

    Liked by 1 person

    • ceeleeolson says:

      It was a special kind of annoying. I tried to stay on top of the pain pills but sometimes I would forget, and then I tried to stagger them, but since I could take one pill every 6 hours and the other every 8 that didn’t work so well. But as long as I didn’t talk or eat much I didn’t need them. My friend wasn’t kidding when she said it was the worst diet ever.


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