Spring Cleaning…

Easter is this weekend and we’ll be spending it with my husband’s family this year since we try to alternate. Usually when that side of the family gets together, it’s always at my brother-in-law’s house. He and his family are lovely, and their house is absolutely beautiful, but he has a tendency to wait until the last moment to plan things. (That whole side of the family is just horrible when it comes to communication, honestly) So to prevent any problems my hubby and I decided to host my in laws for a big Easter dinner.

In preparation we have been cleaning like mad the past couple of days. In addition to all the dusting, sweeping, mopping, and other typical chores, we’ve also put the thresholds back in both bathrooms, patched holes left behind from the previous owners, painting said patches, and tomorrow we’ll start putting the new hardware on the kitchen cabinets.

Sadly I don’t think we’ll have time to paint the living room (which is something we really need to do because I am SICK of white paint) nor will we have time to redo the wiring for the vanity light in the guest bathroom (the previous owners jury rigged the old vanity light with some questionable wiring).

Despite those two little things, and the fact that the Boyo is a hurricane, the house is looking oh so fabulous.

I did manage to get some writing done this week on the Descendants. It’s all on a scene that I don’t think will make the final cut of the story though. I was going to share it, but I decided to continue with Anagha’s story for now. However, since interest in her tale seems to be hit or miss, I’m thinking about moving that to Saturdays. I’m also thinking of completely restarting it from the very beginning. What say you, fellow WIPpeteers?

While we wait for the verdict, here are 5 paragraphs since today is the 23rd of March (2+3=5). When we saw Anagha last week, she was stuck in an elevator with Jedi Trista Fatin. Trista was scolding her for not believing her about the planet being safe. You can read that battle here. This snippet picks up right where it left off.

As always, this is nano rough.

Rather than continue to argue with the Jedi, Anagha hit a button to stop the lift and quickly got off. She was several stories below the pilot quarters, but she would rather climb the stairs than deal with the other woman anymore.

Trista called out after her and started to follow. However there were others waiting on the floor who quickly stepped into the lift, preventing her from exiting.

Good, Anagha thought to herself. She breathed a sigh of relief and let her mental shields, minimal though they were, drop.

It occurred to her as she wandered, that while she had an impeccable battle record, she had a tendency to avoid conflict in her personal life. First with Hobbie and now with Trista. However it was one thing to face off against an enemy when inches of metal, transparasteel and the vacuum of space separated you. It was far harder when you could see someone’s face and feel their emotions.

She sighed, wondering what her uncle would do if he were in her situation. Honestly, he would probably be just as frustrated with Trista as she was – from what she had heard, the two had never gotten along very well. As for romantic entanglements, well, he had always preferred one night stands over relationships. In his youth it had been because the Jedi code forbade such things, but after their exile it had been because it was far easier to stay aloof than risk the truth about them and where they were from getting out.

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