Shortest WIPpet Ever…

Well, at least in the history of this blog.

I’ll just confess right now – I didn’t get any writing this past week. I still haven’t quite gotten the hang of the new therapy schedule for the Boyo, and the assorted Mother’s Day activities that were going on were just crazy. I wasn’t even sure I was going to be able to post today. I spent the afternoon watching my friend’s son, who is about six months younger than the Boyo, and when the two of them get together – whoo boy. We’re seriously doomed when they get older. Doomed, I say.

So this will be a short post this week as a result. Especially since I still need to write the next chapter for my Fanfic Friday series. (If you enjoyed reading my snippets about Anagha and Hobbie, you’ll like this since it digs into their history)

Since today is the 11th, here are 11 words from The Descendants. Because I’m evil and I enjoy being a tease, I’m not going to say who is talking, or what the discussion is about.

“Tell me she can save her.”

“I don’t know. Maybe. Pray.”

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