It’s been a couple of weeks since I last posted. I didn’t mean to go so long between posts, I swear. It just kinda happened.

So let me give you a quick update on what’s been going on around here lately:

  • I’m closing down my mommy blog. Unfortunately that means you’ll probably see more parenting rants and posts on this page, but I couldn’t keep up with running two blogs.
  • I’m going back to school in the fall to become a realtor. I know there are a lot of real estate agents out there, but there’s not a whole lot who are familiar with the in and outs of mobile homes, so I’m planning to focus on that. Plus, some of the online brokers offer some really amazing benefits, allow you to work from home, and work with your schedule – which is important since Boyo is in therapy 5 days a week right now.
  • Speaking of therapy, we may be stopping Boyo’s Speech Therapy really soon. Things started off really well, but it’s just gone down hill from there. He and his speech therapist never connected, I don’t think she’s used to working with kiddos who are as young as he is, and the room they do it in isn’t set up very well (too many toys to distract him). Plus he may just be too young. So we’re going to do an evaluation with a speech therapist through the Regional Center to see what she has to say.
  • We’re going to start painting the bedroom this weekend, and hopefully we’re finally going to get the wiring in the bathroom fixed (the previous owners used paper wrapped aluminum wiring when they changed the wiring fixture. Crazy.)

Due to everything that’s been going on, I haven’t had any time to write. I haven’t worked on the Descendants at all. I haven’t even started the new update for The Stolen Pilot. I haven’t had the energy, and any free time that I normally devote to writing has been spent filling out college applications (which, honestly, isn’t that hard since I’ll be attending a community college) and the FAFSA (which is a touch more confusing – but hey, I must have done something right because I qualified for a fee waiver). Right now I should be filling out the form to get my transcripts from my old college sent over to my new college (So many Ws… Dear younger self, what the HELL were you thinking?), but I needed a break, so here I am instead.

I do have something to share for WIPpet Wednesday though.

This week we’re going way back to chapter 7 – which is right after Vivian and Tesni bumped into the Roman Slavers. They tried to out run them, but they slipped and fell and Vivian hit her head on a rock. This snippet picks up shortly after that.

Since today is May 25th, here are 3 paragraphs (2-5=3)

Vivian wasn’t dead.

She should be, given how hard her head had smacked against that rock when she had fallen earlier and how much blood she had lost, but instead she continued to breath evenly and her eyes flickered back and forth underneath her eyelids. If Tesni didn’t know better, she’d say the girl was just sleeping – probably dreaming of a boyfriend back home or something.

Must be nice, Tesni thought as she eyed the two men next to the fire and the slave who was entertaining them with a sensual looking dance. When the slave sat down on the skinny man’s lap, she quickly glanced away and back at Vivian’s still form.

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11 thoughts on “Ch-ch-changes…

  1. ReGi McClain says:

    Yay, Vivian’s okay!

    That’s a lot going on at once. I hope you can find a good therapist for your boy. It’s a pain you didn’t hit on a good one right away. I had something like that happen with my Artist. She did 9 months of therapy with one particular therapist and then we stopped because insurance was causing problems. Artist IMMEDIATELY regressed by 6 months. Builder saw another we adored, but she left that clinic. After a while we found her again, but she wasn’t taking new clients. Happily, one of the other therapists in the office was and we’re still with her.

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    • ceeleeolson says:

      It’s been rough, especially because she won’t listen to our advice – like if boyo tries to escape, let him. Don’t follow him. He will come back on his own, especially if you ignore him. That’s how the behavioral therapist does it at home. But she just won’t listen. I guess maybe if we arranged for the behavioral therapist to come in herself she’d listen? The speech therapist through the Regional Center has a bit more experience in ABA.

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      • ReGi McClain says:

        :-/ Ugh. I Reeeeeaaaallly dislike it when people think they know more about my kid/my body than I do because they happen to have a few letters after their name. I bet she would respond to the behavioral therapist better, though. It’s that pro-to-pro thing.

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  2. Eden says:

    Speech therapy is a such a hit or miss thing. We had something like that with the Boodle too. He’s a lot better now, but there are still things that… well, we wish they’d caught and dealt with sooner.

    And I hear you on the school thing… I started all the applications this January for college as well, and the FAFSA and… UGH! And my old transcripts? Eep! I wonder if this emphasis on college right out of high school isn’t the worst thing that can be expected of kids. I know I sure wasn’t ready for “more school” on my own at the time. I only went because our insurance company wouldn’t pay for me if I wasn’t in college, and Dad refused to let me live in his house if I didn’t have insurance (yes, to the point of me living in my car and couch surfing with friends when I left school for a time).

    Doesn’t sound like Tesni has much to look forward to here… but maybe, if she can give Vivian some care, they’ll have each other again.

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    • ceeleeolson says:

      I really think Boyo is either too young, or his therapist just has no idea how to work with 2 year olds. The new speech therapist has some experience with ABA therapy and also works for the same company as his Behavioral therapist through the Regional Center, so if she feels he’s ready it should be soooo much easier all around.

      As for school, on the one hand I think going straight in to college from high school is good because you’re already in the rhythm of school. But on the other hand, I remember being so burnt out that I cried when my mom made me fill out my college application, and I went a little wild when I realized I could just not go to the classes I didn’t like and no one would tell my parents. It probably didn’t help that my mom refused to let me sign up for classes on my own, she picked everything out for me. In the end I changed majors 3 times before I finally gave up and got a full time job.

      I think this time around will go much better since my goal doesn’t require any math classes – in fact it doesn’t require anything at all! I still have to take the placement exams though, which feels a bit silly.


      • Eden says:

        I think some people are more ready for college than others. I was not. I was burnt out (much like you), and though my parents didn’t pick my classes for me, they did pick my major and the college I was able to go to (and then refused to pay for any of it)… I worked full time and school. I was dependent on them for transportation. It was too much.

        LOL! I Loved Math (after a quick change in major, I ended up with a Math degree).

        Two is very early to work on speech issues. It can be done (my brother got speech therapy at two and three, and it worked out well). A lot of the work at this time involves strengthening the facial and neck muscles. Do you let him blow bubbles in his drinks? That is actually a great strengthening exercise.

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  3. S B Williams says:

    I’ve gone to 3 different colleges so I feel ya on having to transfer transcripts all over the place. I switched between all 3 justto get my degree done. (2.5 years at a JC, then 2.5 years at a University. But int he middle of that, I came back to my hometown, got married, stayed here a year, and did a couple semesters at a college here, and then transfered back to finish my BA.

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    • ceeleeolson says:

      I’m not really worried about transferring transcripts. My old college has it set up so you can do it all online. Nice and easy. What was horrible was seeing how many classes I had taken, and how many I had gotten Ds and Fs in, and how many I had Ws for because I never showed up and dropped at the last moment. I’m shocked I wasn’t on academic probation! Really shocked!


  4. AM says:

    That is a lot going on! I totally understand not being able to manage multiple blogs. My life got simpler when I pared it down to one.

    Neither of mine has ever done speech therapy, but my younger one gets occupational therapy. She had it when she was really little for her sensory disorder, but she also needed it for her fine motor skills. Unfortunately, it wasn’t possible to predict at 3 that she would need it long-term, so they discharged her when her sensory processing improved. It took years to figure out she had other disabilities. I hope they’re able to create a good plan for you for moving forward.

    And the snippet…I’m glad Vivian’s not dead. And I’m with Tesni; I don’t think I’d have been interested in watching the slave give a lap dance either.

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  5. K. L. Schwengel says:

    Wow. Busy, busy! Too bad you don’t live near my. I have a good friend who is a speech therapist, and she’s wonderful dealing with youngsters.

    Good luck on the college aps. I’ve done that a time or two and it always seems like a major headache for some reason. It just can’t be a simple thing.


  6. Frank says:

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