We’re Here to Rescue You

When I wasn’t studying, we spent the weekend finally painting the bedroom. It’s now a nice solid gray. We’re planning on staining the dresser expresso to match my sewing table, and maybe even making a headboard for the bed – which feels a bit foolish since the bed is currently on the floor so Boyo can get in and out of it easier if he’s playing in our room. Eventually we’ll be getting this quilt that I’ve been eyeing to give the room a nice pop of color, and we might get curtains to match (Hubby is asking for halloween themed ones).

In other news, school is going. I’ve got two and a half more weeks left on one class and five and a half on the other. I’m also considering dropping one of the electives I signed up for. It doesn’t start until October, but it’s another five week class – which means lots of reading and online time. After doing a five week class and an 8 week class at the same time, I don’t know if I could survive two five week classes at once. So dropping it before the W cutoff may be best.

Speaking of five week classes, apparently why my school offers them for Real Estate is purely a marketing gimmick to get more students. My instructor is currently pressuring the college to switch to 8 week classes instead, because the 5 week classes are too short, too rushed, and leave students under prepared to take the test to get their license. While I’m glad I have the opportunity to knock out all the classes I need in one semester – I could not agree with her more. I feel like I and the other students are missing things, and it’s led to more than a couple of arguments on the college website.

Thanks to the little rewards schedule I came up with, I have been able to get a bit more writing done this week. However I’m currently tossing around the idea of changing the opening chapters to The Descendants yet again. Originally the story started off at a graduation party where Vivian’s boyfriend proposed. Then I cut the boyfriend out and changed the opening so that Vivian’s dad was getting married. Now I’m considering changing it yet again so that Vivian is actually the one getting married. It would certainly add more angst to the series, but love triangles are sort of overdone at the moment.

We’ll see.

Thankfully regardless of what I change the opening to, it should be easy to adjust the other chapters accordingly. Now if only The Undying Ones would be more cooperative. I feel like I get things figured out only to have them disappear on me the next day. It’s really frustrating.

Anywho, it’s Wednesday, so that means it’s time for another WIPpet Snippet!

This week I’m back to sharing bits of the Star Wars Fanfic I tinker around with – The Stolen Pilot. This part takes place before the last snippet I shared. In it Hobbie has managed to find Anagha – who is going by a fake name, Freya – and together they have escaped her room and have met up with Wes. Towards the end she mentions the bad guy who kidnapped her. Currently his name is BLANK because I haven’t thought of a good enough name for him yet. I’m leaning towards Severus. The baddie is another Firrerreo, and from the two Firrerreo’s we bump into in the Expanded Univers, it seems that they tend to prefer multiple letters in a row and lots of vowels in their name. However, the name could change if I run into something better.

Since today is the Seventh of September, here are seven paragraphs.

“Well, hello, pretty lady.” Wes leered at her, his gaze skimming over the tight black pants clinging to her legs and the low collar of her shirt.

Anagha swung her blaster up and pointed it at Wes with one hand while she finished shoving things into the duffle with the other. “I would suggest you stop right there. I have been through the wringer the past couple of days. I have been gawked at, felt up, dolled up, gawked at and felt up some more, among other things. I really do not have the patience to deal with your pranks, jokes, or your stupid attempts at flirtation.”

Wes glanced at Hobbie. “Are you hearing this? Here we are, attempting to rescue her and instead she’s jumping down our throat. Some show of appreciation. See if we help you next time you need it.”

“Actually she’s just jumping down your throat, not mine, and I don’t blame her.”


“If you hadn’t teased her so much, Wedge wouldn’t have put her on our wing to force you two to get along. If she hadn’t been a part of our wing, she wouldn’t have been with us that day we flew the scouting mission. Then she wouldn’t have been caught, and we wouldn’t be stuck in this mess.”

“He would have caught me eventually. Ember did a good job coming up with fake docs for me, but Freya is too close to my mother’s name. I was stupid to use it since BLANK would have figured it out eventually. I thought I would have more time though.” She stood and tossed the duffle at Wes. “Come on. Let’s get out of here.”

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4 thoughts on “We’re Here to Rescue You

  1. Eden says:


    Gotta love it.

    Hmm, I get your dilemma with the whole 5-week versus 8-week thing. Have to say, even knowing it would be extra time that could conflict with other classes, I think Id prefer an 8-week course in anything I wanted to be making a living (or even just extra income) from.

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