A little weird…

First off, a very dear friend of mine, Jewel E Leonard, is doing a give away in honor of her new book coming out. You can get the details here!

Last week I took the midterm for one of my classes. This week I’m taking a final for another. So, needless to say, I haven’t done much writing recently. It’s just been studying, studying, and more studying.

Anywho, because I need to get back to studying, this week’s snippet is going to be something I wrote a few weeks ago – when life wasn’t so hectic. This is from the Star Wars Fanfic I’ve been tinkering with, and takes place shortly before the snippet I shared here.

Since today is the 21st, here are 15 sentences (9+21=30, 30/2=15). They are nano rough, so forgive me if there are any typos, grammar issues, or problems with the flow.

With another sigh, Anagha slumped over to one side and curled up in a ball and waited for sleep to take her. A loud thump stopped that plan in its tracks though. She sat up and turned towards the door. When a second softer thump echoed through the small room, she stood up and backed herself into the corner, ready to fight.
She heard a beep as someone swiped a keycard over the pad, then there was a woosh as the door opened and fresh air filled the room. She blinked against the bright light of the outside world – even though it had only been minutes since she had been thrown in here, her eyes had quickly adjusted to the dim light – once she could see again she saw a guard standing in the opening while another slumped against the wall near by. However, his stance was familiar underneath the armor. He flipped the visor of his helmet up, revealing cool blue eyes. “There you are.”
“Hobbie? How did you…?”
“I saw when you ran into that cement wall that’s masquerading as a human. Then I waited and followed them when they carried you down here.” His gaze drifted downwards, taking in the vivid purple welts on her skin. “They did a number on you didn’t they? Can you walk?”

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