Hit by the Plague…

I set a goal for myself to write 1,000 words a day on The Undying Ones last week. I am determined to get this story finished ASAP.

You want to know how many I actually wrote though?


I was hit by a cold right out of the starting gate, so when the Boyo was sleeping, I dosed on the couch. Heck, even when he was awake, I was pretty much useless. A bump on a log. I blame the cold medicine. I’m doing much better now. All I have left is a cough – and those always take forever to go away.

Anywho, it’s WIPpet Wednesday – which is a blog hop where we share snippets of whatever projects we are working on. The only rule is that the snippet must some how relate to the date. For example today is the second, so I’ll be sharing two lines from The Undying Ones.

“Who are you?” The toymaker asked. “And what are you doing in my workshop.”
“No one.” Mattie replied. In the past, her father’s confusion would have cut her to the core, but today she was grateful for it. “And nothing.”

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