Just a Bump in the Road…

I wrote so much over the holidays that my carpal tunnel started to act up. It’s been over seven years since it’s bugged me. I honestly thought it would act up while I was in school, but I guess clicking through power point pages isn’t the same thing as typing. Where and how I sit when I write probably doesn’t help matters either. During the semester, it was warmer, so I often sat on the ground with my laptop in front of me. This allowed my hands to drop down, which is more natural. Now that it’s cooler, I’ve been sitting on the couch more, with my legs crossed, and my laptop on my lap. So my wrists are more flat, or tilted up.

I’m working on changing that. I’m also working on giving myself more breaks so I can stretch my wrists out more often. There’s a hand movement that I learned when I used to belly dance that is perfect for that. You sort of pinch your fingers together as you roll your hands towards you, then flair your fingers out as you roll your hands away. If I can find a video that demonstrates it, I’ll be sure to include the link here.

Anyways. Since my wrists have been bugging me, I didn’t get much writing done this week. I did mull over my goals for the year. I want to get The Undying Ones finished ASAP. I kinda gave up on it when the holiday season started, and then that fanfic sank it’s claws into me, and now here we are and I am no closer to finishing it than I was before. This year, it will get done.

In the mean time, since it is WIPpet Wednesday, here is a snippet from that fanfic I’ve been tinkering with. Today is the Fourth of January, so here are five sentences to keep you entertained until next week.

Last week I shared a snippet where Cressida stumbled across a figure who had been haunting her dreams. Shortly after that he collapsed, and he was brought back to her tent for medical help. Her father, a doctor, has asked her to read his mind, to see if she can find anything else about the stranger.

She lets herself sink down into him, feeling for his mind underneath the fog of the laudanum. She can tell he is skilled in occlumency, or was at some point. He has quite a wall built around himself. One that is damn near impenetrable despite his drugged state, but she can feel cracks in it’s surface and see glimpses of thoughts and memories escaping through the fissures. She picks through them – ignoring the dimmer ones in favor of bright vivid bursts that shine like stars in the hopes that they might be more important.

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2 thoughts on “Just a Bump in the Road…

  1. Emily Witt says:

    I really like the way you’ve described the way she pores through his mind. I’m working with a telepathic characcter at the moment and the descriptions can be tricky, but you’ve carried it off really well.

    I hope the wrists are starting to ease up for you. I think I’ve sort of got what you mean about the belly dancing move. I don’t have anything bordering on carpal tunnel, but as you say, posture and all that can affect how they go when writing for long periods, so having those breaks and exercises can be handy anyway

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