The Undying ones reached 50,000 words last night.

50,000 words. That means it’s already novel length and it’s not even half way done yet.

It’s amazing to me how this has grown from a short story that I started for a creative writing class over ten years ago. Now it’s a full length novel that will be the start of a trilogy once it’s finished.

In other news I finally created a facebook page for myself this week. There was a bit of a hiccup creating a username for it, but now it’s all ready to go. You can follow it here: https://www.facebook.com/ceeleeolson/. I’ll be adding more to it in the weeks to come.


It’s WIPpet Wednesday time again!

WIPpet Wednesday is a blog hop run by Emily Witt, where writers share snippets of whatever project they might be working on. The only rule is that the snippet must some how relate to the date. Since today is March 8th, you could share eight words from chapter three, or three paragraphs from page eight, or thirty eight sentences. It’s entirely up to the person, and sometimes the math involved can get very creative.

The last two weeks I’ve been sharing scenes from The Descendants – this week I’ll be hopping back over to the Undying ones since I was able to make so much progress on it.

The Undying Ones

This scene takes place a little bit after the last snippet I’ve shared. Mattie wakes up to find Rordan and Talesin outside of her room, waiting to speak to her. I have to admit – I’ve really missed these two. They are such fun characters write, even if their dialogue sometimes leaves my head spinning.

Today I’ll be sharing 11 paragraphs (3+8=11)

“Now. About the King…” Rordan drawled.

Mattie stiffened, instantly on guard. “What about him?”

“Since when have you become his little doll?”

“I am not his doll! I’m not anything to him!” She snapped. She could feel her cheeks flaming behind the mask she wore, the broken porcelain cool against her cheeks.

“Sure looked like something completely different last night, you perched at his feet like his pet.”

“He saved me.”

“From what?”

“His men. They found me in the library.”

“Doing what?”

“Reading.” It wasn’t a total lie. She had been reading at first until Marionette had shown up. The row of cages along the wall of the hidden room haunted her, what were they for? Had that been where the Toymaker had kept his poor creation or was there something more sinister behind the iron bars. “They didn’t like my presence and were showing me how much they didn’t like me in general when he showed up and stopped them. And then he invited me to the feast. And I couldn’t say no after what he had just done for me.”

Talesin snorted. “We’ve saved your skin plenty of times and you have no problem telling us no.”

“That’s different. He’s the King.”

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4 thoughts on “50,000

  1. Eden says:

    I couldn’t help but read this in a Mel Brook’s voice “It’s Good to be the King”.

    Wow 50K! That’s great progress… though, I always thought that (NaNoWriMo numbers aside) that most publishing houses considered 60,000 the starting standard for novels (even in the slim, cheap paperbacks of the 70s and 60s) and that most started around 80,000 words or so. I know a lot of the books that I bought off the shelves in the 90s were well over 100K. Maybe it’s a genre thing? (I tend more toward Fantasy than not, so…)

    Still,… COool! 😀


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