Always Something…

I meant to post last week, but between taking the Boyo in for an Autism evaluation, his normal therapy schedule, and meeting up with the local Regional Center for their every six month check in (basically they ask how we’re doing, how therapy is going, etc, etc, etc), there just wasn’t a lot of time to blog, much less write. Thankfully this week is a little bit calmer – which is interesting, because Mercury is in Retrograde.

Supposedly, when Mercury is in Retrograde, things get wonky. People have a harder time with life, they may get into disagreements easier, and things just generally suck. Not in the Olson household. For some reason, whenever Mercury goes into Retrograde, my creative side goes into overdrive, and I find myself having all the ideas and doing all the things.

I’ve whittled away at a large chunk of The Undying Ones. Some of my favorite scenes are in this section of the book, because they remind me so much of my time spent working at Knott’s Scary Farm. The only problem is that some of these scenes are a bit old (over six years old in some cases) so they need a little bit of editing to help them fit in with the new plot line. Thankfully everything is rolling along smoothly.

I was also able to update The Broken Man as well. I tinkered with a couple of older fanfics too, and I added a scene to a short story I’m planning to publish under my pen name… eventually. The Undying Ones is the priority right now, so there’s no rush on that project. It’s just something fun to work on when the mood hits.

So thank you Mercury Retrograde for all the help!


In other news, it’s Wednesday – which means it’s time for another WIPpet!

The Undying Ones

This week I’ll be sharing more from The Undying Ones again. In this snippet, we are checking in with Liam, who has just gotten some very depressing news from a local hunter regarding his missing sister. Since today is April 19th, here are 19 sentences.

“No one can lose that much blood and still live.”

“I wouldn’t be so sure about that. Letty is a smart girl. She’s strong.”

“She’s also been out there for over a month. A month. With no food or water.” Jack finally caught his eye. His expression was earnest, willing him to understand, but Liam refused to accept it.

“Don’t say that.”

“If she somehow was able to survive, then why hasn’t she returned?”

“You know why she wouldn’t. Everyone in town knows why.”

“Winter is drawing closer every day, my friend, and then there are the creatures to consider. She may be the bravest and smartest girl around – but those things aren’t exactly human.”

“Stop talking!” Liam snarled. A part of him knew that Jack was right, but his heart still refused to give up hope. “You know those creatures are nothing but old wives tales. There’s nothing out there. Nothing!”

What creatures could Jack be referring to? Maybe Rordan and Talesin? Or something worse?

To read more WIPpet Wednesday snippets, go here.

4 thoughts on “Always Something…

  1. Eden says:

    I think, just because I think like a writer and not as a pragmatic and sensible hunter, that Liam’s convictions are going to be validated by the end of this story. And what the writer says…

    I always wondered that about the Mercury Retrograde thing people bemoaned too. For me, it’s often a creative and energized time. Maybe it’s because its easier to focus on my own stuff when the rest f the world is aflutter and not bothering me with their ‘stuff’? 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. AM says:

    I can definitely feel the tension here. Hoping that Liam, and not Jack, is right.

    You know, I’ve never paid a whole lot of attention to things like Mercury Retrograde. So I don’t know how much of it is true and how much is what people expect to be true.

    Liked by 1 person

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