Going Down the List…

It’s been another busy week here in the Olson household. We’re currently in the midst of getting the house prepped so it can be listed. Thankfully there’s not a whole lot that needs to be done – just touching up the paint, washing the walls, and trying to keep chaos to a minimum. That last part is going to be hard; Boyo has entered destructo mode, and his new favorite thing is to pull the mattress off his bed, and the cushions off the couch. He would flip his bed over if we let him, but it’s bolted to the wall with earthquake straps.

Despite the rushing here and there I did get a bit of writing done. I posted up two more chapters in the Dragonriders of Pern Fanfic over the weekend. I chipped away a little more at the Broken Man, and The Undying Ones.

The Undying Ones is proving to be problematic at the moment. I feel like some of the characters are behaving out of character, and I’m not sure what Liam’s mother’s motivation is for taking in Mattie so soon after her daughter has been declared dead. Grief? Maybe it’s time to drag Old Man Marley back into the story again.


It’s that time of the week again! WIPpet Wednesday time!

WIPpet Wednesday is a weekly blog hop where writers share a snippet of whatever project they might be working on. The only rule is that it must somehow correlate with the date (five words since May is the fifth month, 17 lines since today is the 17th, or maybe a paragraph from page 2017, etc)

This week’s snippet picks up right where last week’s ended. Since today is the 17th, it’s only six paragraphs long (1-7=6), but trust me, it ends on a bang.

“Hobbie, leave.”


She pulled herself up to her full height, which, she realized, probably wasn’t that intimidating. Even with her boots on, she was still a few inches shorter than him. “I technically outrank you now that you’ve retired. I am commanding you to leave. Leave.”

“I don’t give a Bantha’s ass about rank.” He snapped, the pain in his eyes quickly turning into anger. “Let’s see. There’s also Shorty. He has been by your side since day one from what I understand. There are those souls down below us that you’ve stuck your neck out for and put your career on the line to save – just on a hunch with no proof. There’s Wes. There’s Pedna. Ember and her girl.”

“Are you done yet?”

“No.” He swallowed a gulp of air, his adams apple bobbing in his throat. “There’s also me.”

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3 thoughts on “Going Down the List…

    • ceeleeolson says:

      That was quick!

      Yes, we’re looking at getting out of California. The cost of living is too high for us to survive on one income, and me going back to work isn’t an option at the moment. I will be taking my test for Real Estate soon, but it can take time to build up a client base and start seeing income from that.

      But this is all based on if the house sells or not.


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