Something Unexpected…

Yet another week of little to no writing. We are still working on getting the house into listing condition – patching holes left by the previous owner (there was one over the bed that they covered up with a piece of cardboard), patching up holes made by us (from installing the new over the range microwave), touching up paint, etc etc etc. And then as soon as we get done doing one thing, we try to clean a little, only to have the Boyo promptly do what two year olds do… tear everything back up.

I have a feeling that our new agent is probably going to walk in tomorrow and be very disappointed that she can’t take pictures to add to her listing. But thankfully I managed to take some of the living room, Boyo’s room, and the bathroom before the destroyer struck.

In regards to writing – I wasn’t able to get much done this week, but I think I managed to get my little problem with The Undying Ones figured out. It occurred to me that having Liam’s family take in Mattie might be a bit odd considering what their family is going through. I don’t think a woman like Noya (Liam’s mother) would have it in her to adopt a girl after loosing her daughter. So, I’ve decided to have Liam take Mattie to Old Man Marley instead. Which will probably cause a little bit more conflict since Old Man Marley is a bit more aware of the old tales about the castle, and would recognize what Mattie is. Of course, a superstitious soul like him would probably turn her away, but I think the fact that she wouldn’t burst into flames at his doorstep might make him a little curious. And that curiosity might just override his good sense. Or, I could have Liam hide Mattie away somewhere – like in his grandfather’s cabin – until things cool down.

So many options.

In other news – I started a gig on Fiverr offering cover art design. I created a Reedsy account last week, but apparently I don’t have enough experience to be considered a Professional yet. I tried out Fiverr last year, but my gigs for cover art kept getting closed down for copyright infringement – even though the examples I gave were all book covers I designed for my pen name, using stock images I bought. Well, this time around it looks like I did something right, because they haven’t closed down the gig yet.

If you need a cover, come check the gig out. My prices are very reasonable, and, I may be partial, but I think the mock ups I made are pretty snazzy.

The Cover of Your Dreams Starts Here!

Now, for the good stuff..


Today is the 24th of May, so here are 130 words from the next bit of the fanfic (5×24=120. 2+0+1+7=10. 120+10=130). This picks up right where last weeks snippet left off. And it ends on a bit of a cliff hanger again.

“We’re not going down that road again.”

“No. We are. Look. I get it. I screwed up and I hurt you pretty badly. But that doesn’t change the fact that I cared about you. That I still care about you.” He was inching closer and closer as he spoke, cornering her against the slim bench that Booster claimed was a couch in his advertisements for suites on the big ship.

Anagha licked her lips. “Hobbie. Please”

“I’m sorry your own kind snubbed you. I am sorry that they’re gone and they’ll never get to realize how amazing you are. But we are still here. I am still here. And you are not alone.”

He kissed her, his lips gently pressing against hers. She inhaled sharply at the softness of his touch.

Was it honestly that much of a surprise Anagha? Hobbie’s made it pretty clear from the get go that he’s still in to you. Silly girl.

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