A Celebration…

I passed my Real Estate Exam! Woo-hoo! Now to get my fingerprints taken (it’s a requirement to get your Real Estate License) and then I can finally get this show on the row!

Speaking of getting this show on the row – I reached 50 followers on my facebook page this past week. In celebration, I did a cover reveal for The Undying Ones – Revenants.


You can see a bigger version of the cover over here, along with the blurb.

Revenants is also finally available for preorder on Amazon. The paperback version should be up shortly. Just as soon as I finish this last round of edits.


It’s Wednesday again, which means it’s time for another snippet!

I figured for this week, I would step away from the Star Wars Fanfic and visit one of my other stories instead. Unfortunately I can’t share anything from Revenants for fear of spoilers, and I don’t have much done on Elusion yet. So we’re going to check in on Vivian from The Descendants instead and see how she is doing.

This scene is from Book 2. Since today is the 28th, here are 10 paragraphs (2+8=10) for you to enjoy. In this scene, Vivian and Gwalchmei, a man who is helping her search for her friends, watch a medieval party happening in front of an Abbey.

“They’re celebrating.” Gwalchmei explained as they wandered around the edge of the party. Men and women bowed to him as they passed, knuckling their foreheads and staring at him in awe.

“I can see that.” Vivian watched as couples danced around a bonfire, jumping and clapping in time with some lively tune. It was played by a group of men standing at the foot of the meeting post just outside of the abbey. She thought she spied pipes and a drum, and something that might be a guitar, but far squatter. “What are they celebrating?”

“They believe the prince has returned.”

“Has he?” She looked up and studied his face. He claimed that this was just a lie. Something he had said to make sure she got the help he needed, but she wasn’t entirely sure that that was true. Wouldn’t he need to show some sort of proof that he was this mysterious Gawain? And if he did have it, how did he, just a lowly hermit, get it? Had he tended to the real Gawain as he lay dying? Was that who was buried out in the field by his shack?

And if he was lying, how could the Abbess not see through it? She was certainly suspicious of Vivian, but she hung on Gwalch’s every word. And while Gwalch had cleaned up nicely, and was handsome in his own way, he wasn’t what she imagined royalty to be.

Unless nuns were that desperate.

“They’ll be sorely disappointed, but I’m not about to give them the bad news and spoil their fun.” He glanced down at her. Even though he was trying to keep his tone light and jovial, she could see the grim set to his lips and the shadows in his eyes. “Care to join me?”

“Join you for what?”

He jerked his chin at the dancers. “For a round or two… or maybe three. Come on, it’s easy, you just listen for them to call the steps.” He held out his hand, wiggling his fingers when she just stared at it. “Remember, we established that you won’t bite me.”

She snorted at that. “Sure, but don’t come complaining to me if I step on your toes and give you bruises.”

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6 thoughts on “A Celebration…

  1. debbiemcgowan says:

    That cover is beautiful! I really like the sound of the blurb too.

    This is hilarious – “Remember, we established that you won’t bite me.” – I expected it to be the other way around ‘come on, dance with me, I don’t bite’. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Eden says:

    What a sweet ending! I can so see myself saying something like that….

    I wonder though… is our lowly hermit more than he appears (even if he’s not the prince)?

    Love your cover reveal… think you need a linky here to that Facebook page. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sophie Li says:

    I can feel the chemistry between the two characters. Gwalch seems mysterious, and I am curious to read more about him and Vivian.

    Congrats on passing your exam and getting 50 followers! I hope to get there soon too (currently at 45!)


    Liked by 1 person

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