Hump Day

I am finally over the editing hump. I’m currently on chapter 15, with only six more chapters to go. I am hoping that I can get this done by the first, which should give me plenty of trim to order proofs and get the giveaways all set up. I’m really excited about the giveaways – I think everyone is going to love them.

Speaking of giveaways, has anyone done a book launch through facebook? How well did that work? I want to try it, but I’m not sure its a good idea with the Boyo running around in the background.

Anywho, it’s Wednesday… well… it was Wednesday 20ish minutes ago – which means it’s WIPpet time!


WIPpet Wednesday is where writers can share a snippet of whatever project they are working on. The only rule is that it has to relate to the date in some way shape or form. Since today (well, yesterday) is the 26th, you could share 26 lines from chapter seven, or eight paragraphs (2+6=8), etc etc etc.

Since I’ve been busy editing, I haven’t had much time to write, so I’m going back to my Fantastic Beasts fanfic again. This snippet picks up right where the last one left off, with Cressida and Percival discussing MACUSA laws in the dream world Cressida has created.

“I’ve seen that room in my dream.” She can see it even now – the floating chair, the silver pool, and the two witches standing by with their wants at the ready. 

He frowns, taking a moment to suss out what she means. Once it finally hits him, he looks downright offended at her suggestion. “We don’t kill innocents over their parents mistakes.”

“Then what of my mother? What would you do to her? Is there some sort of jail for wizards? My father and Vesta – I know you would obliviate them – but Mama?”

“There are a few. But it’s really not my decision. There are judges and trials, just like in the no-maj world.”

“So she would either die, or be locked up. And with no Papa, Pandora and I would be on our own in a world that we know absolutely nothing about. I ask you again, can you blame me for trying to protect them?” She finishes the drink in one gulp.

“Your father was right – you really are terrified of us, aren’t you?”

So he had heard that then. “I’m starting to think this was a bad idea…” Cressida starts to let herself fade, to retreat back to her own mind before he can give her the bum’s rush out of his. “See you in the morning.”

Graves surprises her by placing his hand over hers on the bar top. “Stay.”

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3 thoughts on “Hump Day

  1. jlgfellers says:

    Isn’t it nice to know the editing process is coming to an end? It means you’ll soon be able to shake off the dust of one work before diving headlong into another.

    Nice WIPpet. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Sophie Li says:

    Seems like you’re done the bulk of the editing! That’s great!
    I haven’t personally seen a giveaway done on Facebook, though I’ve seen quite a few on Instagram. Usually people would make a post with a picture of the book, then ask for people to like the post, follow, and comment on the post by tagging 3 friends (or however many you choose.) I imagine it might work similarly on Facebook 🙂 Hope this helps!
    Great WIPpet!

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  3. debbiemcgowan says:

    That’s an interesting end to the snippet – so…she has control over the dreams? Or would this give Percival consent to control them? (thinking ‘aloud’) I can’t wait to read more.

    Good job on the editing. 🙂


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