Just Girls…

Last week I finished the last bridesmaid dress for my friend. Then I promptly packed up my sewing machine and started cleaning off the table I sew on so I could turn into a writing desk. I even celebrated my new found freedom to write by getting some ice cream while the Boyo was playing at Occupational Therapy.

And then the very next day, both the Boyo, myself, and my husband came down sick with some weird sort of crud. It’s not quite a cold – none of us had fevers, nor chills, or aches – and it’s definitely not the flu, but it’s annoying all the same. It starts with a runny nose, which turns into nasal congestion, this is followed by a light cough, then a harder cough. So we’re assuming that it’s because our seasonal allergies have been irritated by all the warm weather – which just makes us even more desperate to get out of this state and someplace a little more temperate.

Anywho, despite having a head that feels like it’s filled with rubber cement, I was able to get some writing done. I tinkered with a couple of older pen name stories, and came to the conclusion that they aren’t as bad as I thought they were. I may republish them in a couple of months after I have more time to edit them properly. I also rewrote the opening to Elusion, however I worry that Mattie is a little out of character.

But let’s move on to the fun stuff, shall we?


Today is, technically, Thursday. I haven’t gone to bed yet, so I’m going to pretend it’s still Wednesday – the seventh of February. Since it’s the seventh, here are five lines from Elusion (2-7=5).

As always, since these snippets are coming from book two of The Undying Ones, there are spoilers – so look away now if you don’t like such things.

Further down the street, a door opened and a group of three girls stepped out into the street carrying baskets. Liam glanced up at the noise of their laughter and immediately flushed. A stream of faint curses spilled past his lips, before he finally took a deep breath to steady himself. “That’s the mayor’s daughter and her hens – don’t do anything stupid.”

“Why? They’re just girls.”

“Just girls?” He laughed. “Cecily and Sylvia are some of the most vicious beasts you will ever meet. They put a rabid bear to shame.”

“Really?” She couldn’t wrap her mind around the idea that the trio approaching them could be so horrible. To her untrained eye, they appeared to be quite lovely – far more beautiful than any of the nobles daughters that waited about in hopes of catching the King’s eye. “They don’t seem so bad to me.” The dresses they wore shimmered in the noonday sun in shades of violet, deep red, and gold. They were tall and straight, their skin soft and clear of any blemishes, and their hair was done up in braids similar to her own. However, rather than having a mind of it’s own, their locks were content to stay in place. And rather than letting it be exposed to elements, they had taken the time to pin crisp white bonnets and hats to their heads.

“They’ve taken advantage of Letty’s absence and have been acting as if they are the Queens of the kingdom ever since.”

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4 thoughts on “Just Girls…

  1. AM says:

    Oh, my! The description of the perfectly coiffed hair reminds me so much of the Popular Girls in high school. Are these young women using some early version of AquaNet? LOL.

    Liked by 1 person

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