Typical Parent Worries…

Just because an Autism diagnosis didn’t have a major effect on our lives doesn’t mean I don’t worry about the Boyo’s future. As I mentioned in last weeks blog, I believe that Boyo is exactly who he was meant to be – but that doesn’t mean I can’t be freaked out about his future like any other parent out there.

I worry that he won’t have any friends. I know this is foolish, because other kids seem drawn to him. And while he still prefers parallel play, all it takes is a game of tag or hide and seek to get him to open up.

I worry he’ll be bullied, because he can be entirely too trusting. And, let’s be honest, other kids can be cruel.

I worry that his teacher will be mean. Our nephew had one that withheld his lunch – which is never okay, even if a kid is acting out. A friend’s son’s teacher seemed apathetic towards him even though he’s the sweetest kid.

I worry about his therapists trying to change him. Thankfully all the therapists we have had have been absolutely amazing. And we do have more control over this than some of the other things.

I worry about gun violence at school. Every parent does, but I feel like it’s harder for special needs parents because their kids may not be capable of staying quiet when they need to be.

I worry about ignorance. About strangers calling the police on him because they don’t understand that he’s over stimulated or just stimming.

I worry about how the police will act.

Long story short, while autism isn’t a bad thing, there is a whole lot of stress that comes with it. Things that aren’t all that different from what a parent of a neurotypical child might worry about – only amplified by ten.

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