What Do You Mean, Home?


As I mentioned last week, I had originally planned to post just a short scene from the Star Wars fanfic I wrote back in college in celebration of The Force Awakens coming out. Afterwards, I would go back to our regularly scheduled WIPpet programming of sharing snippets from The Descendants and The Undying Ones. But the scene I shared from the fanfic ended on a cliffhanger, and it really peaked everyone’s interest (including mine) so I decided to continue it even though I hadn’t worked on this story in ages. And then after continuing it last week, I realized that I really liked posting in this sort of serialized format. I’m still working on my other projects, and I’ll still share them from time to time, but I’m going to continue posting this fic on Wednesdays and see where it goes. I wonder if maybe I shouldn’t start at the beginning since we’re kinda starting in the middle of the action here.

What do you think?

Last week we learned that the reason Anagha had left Hobbie and had not spoken to him in several years was because she had seen him getting physical with a Twi’lek. Hobbie does not remember the incident, and claims it was harmless flirting. Then Anagha dropped the bomb that the planet they are currently defending, the one he happens to think is a waste of space, is actually her home.

Since today is January 13th, here are 12 more paragraphs (1-13=12) from In Stars – my Star Wars fanfic.

“Home?” Hobbie asked, a line appearing between his eyebrows. “But your records said you were born on Firrerre.”

“I lied. I put down Firrerre when I joined up with the Rebellion, because Jalaal had told me that that was were Firrerreo came from. For all I knew, I may have been born there – he didn’t like talking about my mother, or what happened to her, very much.”

“How did your uncle know about this place – it’s not on any of the star charts. The only way Booster knew where to go was because Trista told him – probably because she felt you were in trouble through the force.”

“No. Trista has been here before, during the old republic-”

“Wait. The Old Republic? Trista is not that old.”

Anagha smiled. That was a common assumption about the reclusive Jedi. “Trista is older than you think. A lot older. Anyways, her apprentice was kidnapped and stranded here back during the days of the old republic. Jalaal, she, and another knight came to rescue the girl and were shocked by how untouched the planet was. They all agreed later that it should remain uncharted to preserve it, and they erased all records of it. But Jalaal remembered the coordinates, and when everything happened, he decided that this was the safest place for us.”

“How did you learn how to fly then? This planet is primitive at best; they don’t have electricity or indoor plumbing, and they still believe in magic.”

“Their magic isn’t that different from the force.” She responded. “Jalaal taught me what I needed to know.He didn’t plan to stay here forever. He knew that eventually people would fight back against the Empire, and he planned to join them when I was old enough. He passed away before that could happen though, and since there was nothing for me here, I took his ship and left. You know the rest of the story from there.”

“Yeah.” His jaw line tightened, and Anagha assumed he was thinking of the slimy slave trader that had ‘rescued’ her when Jalaal’s ancient freighter had broken down. However, rather than discuss that again, he apparently felt it was his turn to change the subject. “How are your wounds.”

“All better.” She peeled back a bacta patch to show him the fresh pink skin underneath.

“It never ceases to amaze me how quickly you heal.”

“Sometimes being a Firrerreo has it’s benefits.”

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