Busy Busy Busy

I apologize for not getting around to everyone’s blogs last week – we had a busy weekend working on our porch. Then the Boyo had a couple of doctors appointments this week, a swallow study, and therapy.

The joys of being a parent and owning a home right? There’s always something going on.

During the few moments I’ve had time to breathe, I’ve been working on stuff for the Etsy shop. I also got sucked into a trial for Bigstock, so I’ve been perusing through photos and downloading those that might make good images for book covers.

Anywho, since I’m running so behind, I’ll keep things short this week. Since today is the 20th of January, here are five sentences that continue Anagha and Hobbie’s story (1+20-16=5)

Anagha was sure Hobbie would have more questions, but he fell silent. After awhile, she assumed he had fallen asleep, when she glanced his way though she saw that his eyes were still open. For once his normally severe expression had relaxed, and his gaze was far away. Well then, if he was going to stay awake she would let him take first watch. She rolled on to her side and pulled her legs up against her chest.

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