A Difficult Conversation…

I meant to post last week, but my computer had other ideas. Thankfully it’s working now, and I’ve bought a new battery and some more memory in the hopes that that will help. I would get a new processor as well, but laptop processors really can’t be replaced (sometimes, but not always), and honestly they’re a bit expensive. Hopefully that’ll help this machine hold on a little bit longer – it’s a good little work horse and I hate to loose it.

Since the computer has been a little iffy, I haven’t done much writing the past couple of weeks. However, a scene did pop into my head yesterday for the Descendants that I had to jot down really quick for WIPpet Wednesday. It’s 10 paragraphs (because 2+8=10). It takes place later in the series (book 3 or 4) and may be a bit spoilery. And a bit triggery. It also might be a little TMI towards the end. So, if you’re uncomfortable with these things, in the words of the theme song for A Series of Unfortunate Events, Look away! Look Away! Look Away!

If you don’t mind, potentially squicky stuff, here’s the set up; basically, Vivian finds herself in a bit of a rough spot after the events of book 2, and the others are a bit shocked that she didn’t take precautions to prevent it from happening.

“How could this happen?”

Vivian laughed, but it was weak. The chuckle fell from her lips like a whisper instead of her normal throaty chortle. “Well, when a woman loves a man…”

Elise rolled her eyes. “You know what I mean. There’s this thing called birth control -”

“Elise,” Maya hissed. “It’s kinda hard to take a pill when it hasn’t been invented yet.”

“What about IUDs then? Or implants? Or heck, even that silly natural family planning method or whatever?”

“Some doctors don’t like to prescribe IUDs. Mine refuses based on political reasons.”

“You might want to find a new doctor then.”

“Ladies, please.” Vivian spoke up. The effort of raising her voice was far more exhausting than she thought it would be. All she wanted to was close her eyes and sleep and let her body do what it needed to do to heal. “Kinda hard to keep track of your cycle when you don’t know what day it is. Plus, there’s really not a way to get birth control or condoms. It’s not like there’s a CVS on every corner.”

“Ew.” Maya wrinkled her nose. Elise laughed at her discomfort.

“Besides,” Vivian glanced at the bucket full of bloody rags waiting to be thrown overboard. “It’s not like it matters now.”

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