A Dire Situation…

Unfortunately I’m still having issues with my computer. The ram finally arrived, but it turns out that our precision screwdrivers – those tiny little screwdrivers you use for fixing glasses and things – have been pretty much thrashed by the Boyo’s trains. He has two that we need to replace the batteries on fairly frequently on and, apparently, the screws made of stronger stuff than the screwdrivers.

But the computer is working for the moment, so here we are.

Because things have been on the fritz, I haven’t been able to do much writing. But I’ve been keeping busy in other ways. We’ve been busy cleaning to make room for some new furniture we bought (a gorgeous secondhand hutch to replace our old book case). I’ve donated some books to the library, and we put all our DVDs and Blu Ray discs into binders and trashed the cases to make sure everything would fit in it’s new home. We also tackled the leak in the roof, and now we’re starting to plan the backyard expansion. Last year we stopped the play area right at the edge of the awning. This year we want to clear out all the rocks and push it back to the tree line that marks the edge of our property.

In addition to that I’ve also been commissioned to make some bridesmaid dresses for a friend’s wedding. Thankfully it’s not until later this year, so there’s plenty of time to plan, get measurements, buy fabric, and break the sewing dummy out of the shed.

It’s Wednesday, which means it’s WIPpet time, and since I’m not sure how long the computer will cooperate for, I’ll try to keep it short and sweet this week. Since it’s the end of February, here are two sentences for the second month.

This snippet continues on from my last snippet. In addition to loosing something that, while it was a surprise, was very dear to her, Vivian’s body seems to be failing her.

Her body was supposed to heal itself, but it seemed that ability was escaping her too. She burrowed deeper underneath the blankets, fighting the shivers that threatened to overtake her, and was grateful for the refuge they offered from her friend’s worried eyes.

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2 thoughts on “A Dire Situation…

  1. debbiemcgowan says:

    Poor Vivian. I get the sense that her suffering feels worse for her friend’s reaction to it. (Lots of different ways to read this snippet, which is great!) Good luck getting your new RAM in. We have so many of those precision screwdrivers, but same as yours, the one we need has either lost its precision or is MIA.

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