Well Crud…

Last week, while Boyo was getting over his ear infection, my dear husband got sick. We suspect it was due to him being temporarily on the day shift for a week – having his hours switched around probably mucked with his system, the stress of having to get up at o’dark thirty probably didn’t help, and then there’s the fact that he was around a brand new group of people. Anywho, he got sick, and since he doesn’t get sick that often, it hit him hard.

I, however, was totally and completely fine aside from some minor congestion due to the weather. Since I’m normally the one who gets sick and ends up with a hacking cough for weeks on end, I rejoiced in the fact that I was completely healthy.

And then I woke up yesterday with a stuffy nose and that icky taste in the back of my throat. In other words, I celebrated being skipped over by the crud way too soon, and it is letting me know that I’m not going to escape it’s clutches this time. So I’ve been downing Emergen-C like it’s going out of style and praying that maybe this won’t hit me as hard as it hit my husband.

The Undying Ones

This week’s snippet is going to be a bit on the short side – that way I can retreat back to the couch and get back to napping. Here are 87 (3*29=87) words from The Undying Ones that picks up right where last week’s snippet left off.

Mattie’s movement, small though it was, attracted the man’s attention. She shivered as his unnatural gaze settled on her. “Who is this?”

“No one.” Rordan answered at the same time Talesin said, “A comrade in arms.”

“She’s small.” Was the stranger’s reply. “She doesn’t look like she’ll be able to carry much. Are you sure she’s worth it?”


“She’s stronger than she looks.” Talesin dropped his arm over Mattie’s shoulders. She stumbled under the sudden weight.

“Hmf.” Was all the man had to say about that.

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