Hot Commodity…

One of my good friends was in town this week. I can’t remember if I mentioned this or not, but she’s getting married next year, and she’s asked me to be a bridesmaid. I’ve also agreed to sew the bridesmaid dresses. Thankfully she already knew what she wanted – so the last time she was down, we went fabric shopping up in LA for said bridesmaid dresses. This time, it was all about trying to find her THE DRESS – which is a far more difficult endeavor.

We made sure to take a break for a very special treat though – Unicorn Milkshakes from Creme n Sugar!

Unfortunately,  I wasn’t able to do much writing this week due to all the running around between dress shops. I did manage to bang out one scene that was bothering me, and edit another – but other than that the keyboard has been silent.

WIPpet Wednesday must go on though!


Since today is the third, I’ll be sharing 15 paragraphs (5*3=15) from that Star Wars fic I like to mess with every now and then. I know 15 paragraphs seems like a lot, but it’s mostly dialogue, so it’s really not that bad.

This scene features our favorite couple, Anagha and Hobbie. It takes place shortly after this scene here. After returning to the ship and having a few minutes to recouperate, Anagha is informed that her homeworld and most of her species no longer exists – they’ve been destroyed by the Vong, an alien race that is invading the universe (I believe this did actually happen during the Vong series, but it was such a small blip on the radar that I’m having problems confirming it).

The door to the quarters chimed, breaking Anagha out of her grief. “Go away.” She called out. Her voice cracked with emotion, and the objects floating around her wavered in the air. The door chimed a second time. “I said go away!”

Whoever it was on the other side didn’t listen though, and a vase crashing against the bulkhead didn’t ward them off either. If anything it only encouraged them to redouble their efforts to get in. She could hear muffled banging and then someone calling her name.

Anagha sighed and leaned her head against the wall with a soft thump. Around her the various tchotchkes that Booster had decorated the room with settling back into their spots – more and less. She stood, dashing tears from her eyes, and stormed towards the door, ready to lay into whoever had dared to disturb her. Shorty beeped at her as she passed, but she ignored him and slapped her palm against the control panel. “Look I said -” The door wooshed open at her touch, revealing a tired looking Hobbie on the other side. Her angry tirade stopped before it even began. “Oh.”

He stepped past her into the room, and she sighed as the door slid shut behind him.

“Sure, just come right on in. I don’t mind.” She glared at his back.

“Sorry.” He scratched his head, the short hairs on his scalp standing up under the assault. “Wedge sent me, and when you didn’t answer the door… well… I got worried.”

“I’m fine. I’m not about to go off and do anything stupid again. I promise.” She leaned against the bulkhead, feeling exhausted. Both from the news that Wedge had told her and from the energy she had exerted floating everything in her room around in circles. Perhaps she wasn’t entirely as useless when it came to the force as she thought. 

“Neither of us were really worried about you doing anything stupid. Again.”

“Well, I highly doubt one of Booster’s guests are going to attack me and try to sell me off even if my species is a hot commodity right now.”

“That’s not it either.”

“Okay. Then spill.”

“I am trying to be here for you, we all are. Even though that planet wasn’t the original Firrerreo homeworld. Even if you didn’t know any other Firrerreo, this still has to hurt on some level.”

She sighed. “Hobbie. I’m fine. I swear I am.”


“So what if I am?” Her temper flared to life under his steady gaze. “There is nothing I can do about it, It’s already done. They’re already gone. Nothing is going to change that. And there’s no point in me wasting my time grieving over a place I’ve never been to or people I never knew. Besides, they never would have accepted me anyways. I’m the bastard daughter of a traitor. No clan would claim me.”

Maybe next week, we’ll find out what Hobbie has to say to that. Oh, who am I kidding? Of course we will.

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