Dropping In…

It’s been a crazy crazy week this week. A lot of things are changing – some far more rapidly than we planned on – so to give you a quick run down of everything that is happening:

  • A month ago, the Boyo was diagnosed as Autistic (which wasn’t that big of a surprise, honestly…)
  • The regional center has expanded his hours from 10 to 15. (I’m not sure how well that is going to work out though, since we’re two months away from the school district taking over his therapy.)
  • We’re currently in the process of seeing if Regional Center can continue working with him after he turns three. Apparently if your child has certain delays they’ll keep offering services, but it depends on the severity of the delays.
  • We’re also currently in the process of getting him set up with the school district. They pretty much want every document we have proving that we live within their boundaries and then some, plus the blood of our first born cat.
  • And we’re talking about moving up to Washington. Again. (That’s the thing that’s moving a lot faster than we were planning. WAY faster)

In writing news, I am still hemming and hawing about splitting up The Undying Ones into two books. I probably won’t since they work better as one (However I did find some alternative cover art options if I did decide to go that route…) but it is sorely tempting, especially with a possible move looming on the horizon.

In addition to chipping away at The Undying Ones, I also updated a fanfic I haven’t touched in many many years. You can thank a fellow fanfic author for that – reading the recent update for her story (which was brutal) gave me the kick in the pants to update my fic.

But now it’s time for the good stuff!


Now, I know it’s really Thursday – well… Friday, actually. So I’m very very late. I promise I’ll do better next week.

Today’s date is the 12th of May, so here are 7 paragraphs (12-5=7) from In Stars featuring everyone’s favorite couple – Hobbie and Anagha. This picks up right where last week’s snippet left off.

“Even if I wasn’t Freya’s daughter, or Jalaal’s granddaughter, the whole Seneca thing is a huge black mark on my record. No one wants to bother with the former girlfriend of a slave trader and pimp – even if she was just as much of a victim as his property. Even if she’s done everything to make amends since then.”

“Anagha,” His eyes were dark with pain for her and what she had been through. She had to look away rather than get sucked into them. He took a deep shaky breath before he started to repeat himself, “You don’t-”

Her laughter was bitter. “Oh no, but I do know. I do. I’ve seen others before. On Coruscant, on some of the other planets I’ve visited with my squadron. They all turn around as soon as they see me. Even the little ones.” She wrapped her arms around her chest to hold in the ache that threatened to overwhelm her. She said she was fine, so she had to be fine – at least until he was out of the room. Then she could explode again if she wanted to. “So, even if others were able to survive. Even if they were able to escape or where on some other planet when everything went down – I am alone. I’m completely and utterly alone. But I’ve always been alone, so it’s really not a big deal. Trust me, I’ll be fine.”

Anagha stepped away from the bulkhead and slapped a hand over the sensor pad. The door to her room wooshed open once again. “Thank you for stopping by.”

Hobbie refused to leave though. He crossed over to where she was standing and pressed his hand against hers. The door shut just as quickly as it opened. “You are not alone. You have never been alone.”

She jerked away from his touch, retreating back to the middle of the room. “Pretty damn sure I am.”

“So your squadron means nothing? Galina? Goldie? That other kid?”

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2 thoughts on “Dropping In…

  1. Emily Witt says:

    Good luck workng through Boyo’s new hours, etc. I hope everything goes smoothly.

    I missed last week’s, but I really enjoyed this excerpt. I can really feel the tension, both Anagha’s internal tension and between her and Hobbie. And I wonder how she will respond to that last line?

    Liked by 1 person

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