What The Fugue…

I finished the pen name project two weeks ago. I edited it (the first part was already edited so that didn’t take much), formatted it, created a cover, and sent it out into the world for people to enjoy. Because I did all of this in the space of a few days though, I was in that post book fugue state where I was there physically, but mentally I was off in lala land. I’ve heard other writers refer to this as the fugue part of writing. Though, normally, it comes earlier in the project rather than after the end. I think it’s because I was pushing so hard to get it done and out there. Anywho, I could not get my mind to focus on any of my other writing projects for the life of me – so I’ve spent the last week putting the omnibus of the two novellas together in the hopes that, maybe once that was done, my brain could finally reset.

Did it help? A little. I feel like I can focus a little better now. Am I still stuck? Yeah. Elusion is being a pill at the moment. I can’t get past the first scene. But my other writing projects are being just as stubborn.

When I wasn’t working on the pen name project, I was working on a couple of household projects. Right now is kinda the Real Estate dead time. No one really wants to buy or sell homes between November and December, because no one wants to move around the holidays. So the Hubby and I are taking advantage of the situation and fixing some little things around the house to hopefully boost our chances of getting an offer once things pick up in January again. We’ve painted both the shower in the master bath, and the tub in the guest bathroom to bring them into this century. We’ve also redone the caulking in both bathrooms. Next up, we plan on updating the lighting in the master bathroom, and we would like to build frames to go around the bathroom mirrors. We also might paint the closet in the boyo’s bedroom, since it’s still just plain paneling. And, if I can find a good enough deal we might redo the vinyl tile in the kitchen with some peel and stick stuff. But the current tile is in pretty good shape still, so that’s not a priority.

But enough about that, let’s get on to the fund stuff, shall we?


Today I am actually going to share a bit from the pen name project. It’s a safe bit of dialogue between Marie, a courtesan, and a mystery customer that always makes me giggle when I read it. Since today is the 29th, here are 29 sentences. I’m going big this week since I’ve been an intermittent poster lately.

“The one the police have been unable to locate?” He finally appeared to be dropping the act, however, he still stood straight and tall.

“Yes. I’m not surprised though. I imagine he left as soon as Madam Mince dismissed him for his indiscretion.”

“Ah, yes. That was in the file.”

“File? I am assuming that you must be associated with Londinium’s hapless police force in some way shape or form.”

“A fair guess, but no. I am not some idiot inspector who would so easily accept such a simple explanation of a lover scorned. It’s terribly overdone and popular only in the worst of the penny dreadfuls.” His voice was more authoritative now, almost snobby. Marie preferred it to the meek tone he had been using earlier.

“I never said you were an inspector.” Based on how condescending his attitude had become, she was beginning to believe that her first assumption about his identity was correct and that it was the infamous Armige standing before her. The only way to find out for sure though, was to see if the man was truly a deviant like the Judge said he was. “Tell me sir, do you enjoy rope play? We have some fine silk ones available for your enjoyment.”

“No, thank you.”

“Or do you prefer horse play?”

“Any idea where he might have gone?”

“Who? The horse?”

“No. This Cal fellow.”

“He’s probably far far away from here by now. Perhaps somewhere on the continent.”

“With no funds, I find that doubtful.”

“Cal is very resourceful.”

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