Why Wattpad…

I started out my writing career by writing fanfic. If you’ve been a friend or a follower for any amount of time, this really shouldn’t be a shock as I’ve mentioned it many many times before. I’ve even shared snippets of those fanfics here and there. Fanfic is a really great way to learn the art of writing, but it can be dangerous too since the feedback fanfic authors receive is nearly instantaneous. Especially if you are a big name fan. I never reached BNF status, but I like to think I was quite popular. And if I didn’t get reviews within an hour of an update, I’d usually receive a few within the next day or two. Getting feedback that quickly can be addicting. So when you switch to being a self published author, and you publish something maybe once every six months to a year, and you happen to be someone who writes niche stories, and the market is already so over saturated with authors – not getting that feedback can leave you feeling a bit bereft.

That’s part of why I switched to publishing on Wattpad. On Wattpad, users can vote on your stories and leave comments, so you get that feedback you crave so much. Plus you can see stats, and break downs of who might be reading the book (if they choose to share that info of course).

The other reason I switched to Wattpad is because by publishing there, I have to stick to a set schedule. I admit I suck at time management. I can manage my real estate business just fine. I can get my kid to his classes and appointments just fine. But writing often falls to the wayside because I always feel like there’s more important things I need to be doing and I’m frequently distracted by chores, DIY projects, or my phone (this is why Elusion took so long to get out). By updating weekly on Wattpad, I have a commitment that I need to keep. I find myself sticking to that better than if I’m left to my own devices with a loose goal of get book Y done by X date.

Last but not least, Wattpad and other website often offer ways to monetize your works. It’s not much, but it’s a heck of a lot better than what I get through Kindle Unlimited.

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