Last week I was having some issues with Createspace shifting some of the features on my cover for the paperback version of Revenants. I contacted their customer service, and within 24 hours, they had emailed me back to tell me that everything looked fine on their end. And then they sent me a free proof … Continue reading Createspace…

Hump Day

I am finally over the editing hump. I'm currently on chapter 15, with only six more chapters to go. I am hoping that I can get this done by the first, which should give me plenty of trim to order proofs and get the giveaways all set up. I'm really excited about the giveaways - … Continue reading Hump Day


The Boyo turned three this weekend. Three. I can't believe it. It feels like only yesterday that he was this tiny itty bitty thing curled up in his incubator. And now he's this big strong child that's built like a tank, is curious about everything, and is learning new words and phrases all the time. … Continue reading Three

The Doll

I hit 30 followers on my Facebook page yesterday! To celebrate, here is the snippet from The Undying Ones - Revenants that I promised. Mattie was the first to see her. She had not planned on going to her father’s workshop that day. It was well known that the Toymaker had a terrible temper - … Continue reading The Doll